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A Mechanical Engineer who decides to learn front-end web development!

A Mechanical Engineer who decides to learn front-end web development!

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Avinash Vagh
·Jul 25, 2021·

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Hi! I'm Avinash Vagh. This is my story.

Who Am I?

I am a mechanical engineer from Gujarat, India and graduated from Gujarat Technological University this year (2021).

What dreams did I have?

The word "Software Engineer" fascinated me when I was in school. I have always dreamed of becoming a Software Engineer because I have always liked working on a PC. I like to use software and I am an excellent computer student at school.

What's so bad about high school?

Our school offers different subjects in 11th and 12th grade. Unfortunately, people choose to leave Computer Science as a subject and study Hindi instead. I cannot learn more about computer science.

What went wrong after passing out from high school in 2017?

Now I have to choose a technical department to study. So there are many engineering departments, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, IT, computer science, IC, EC and so on. So I researched on the Internet and measured the sound of machinery. This green industry belongs to Mechanical Engineering. I asked a senior, relatives, and professors, and they were all suggest me to study Mechanical Engineering. My family forced me to choose a mechanic, so I chose it.

What did I do during my studies (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering)?

I am not interested in machinery, but I am interested in software, so I learned some popular mechanical design programs, such as NX Unigraphics, AutoCAD, but designing machines or anything related to it gives me a headache because I am not that much interested, I am not proficient in mathematics. I am not interested in hardcore machines. I'm just earning my degree just for formality.

How did I waste my college life?

Everyone knows that college life is very interesting. Because I am in the hardcore industry, there are no girls in our class, you can understand, so we prefer the circle of friends. We go to different places on weekends. We have never been to places that we often go before. We have played video games such as PUBG. We go to the cinema every time a new movie is shown in the cinema. We watched web series/movies and so on all night. I think this is the best day of college and I have very good friends. Yeah! I know this is very common, but trust me. You will be very happy when you have great friends who can laugh and cry together.

What happened to me during the lockdown phase?

The corona hit almost the entire country. Those days are terrible. I watched the Netflix web series "The Walking Dead" and worried that the world would end this epidemic. This seriously affected my mental health, I became depressed and did not realize what I was doing. I am at home and my behavior has completely changed, I don't know. after 2 months, I became normal.

How did I use the lockdown?

It has been a long time, and now I am tired of all OTT. So I started learning, I took a lot of mechanics courses, but tried Python and machine learning as well, because data science is a trend. I studied for 2 months and then dropped it. but mainly I was focused on understanding myself.

Fast forward to 2021?

Now I only have to pass the final exam. Then I focused on Twitter. I have been using Twitter since 2017, but only for top trending news. But now I realize that Twitter is a good learning platform. I have seen some people discuss web development on Twitter. This flame burns in my heart and becomes what I want in my heart. In June 2021, I started learning HTML. I studied for a week, and then the final exam came. I dropped out of learning to concentrate on the final exam. One month later. Relax. In the past 15 days, I'm back to learning!


I am currently learning front-end web development and also working as a mechanical engineer. It's complicated, but I have to do it. I study on Twitter, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.

The only mistake I made!

I'm not serious, I'm very confused, I don't know what I like to do, what I love to do, what I can do, but the most important thing is that I am not serious. I haven't done anything in my life. Career changes are normal. Many people have been changing career at different phases. Some people have been looking for things they like throughout their lives. I am very excited about this recently, but I have figured out what I like to do and what I am interested in.

This is a personal story, a professional story, and resources will be published in the next article.

"Motivation often comes after starting, not before.
Action produces momentum."

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